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Girls Gone Happy Motherhood Deck

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For current, new, and expectant mamas. Full of questions and topics to help you reset, approach your mothering journey with intention, reconnect to your priorities, and remember that the things you're feeling are totally normal!

"I've been using my Motherhood Deck every day since receiving it - and I loved the handwritten, sweet note that came with it. During baby's nap, I make myself a cup of tea and sit down with my deck. I pick one topic card and one question card at random, and write for as long as baby stays asleep! I am really enjoying exploring these ideas and having a peaceful start to my day, which can get so hectic. The lovely packaging makes gift giving so easy - this Deck has become my new go-to whenever I have a pregnant friend!"

- Lizzy S., Philadelphia PA


About The Motherhood Deck

Motherhood is so complicated - it can be beautiful, lonely, fun, weird; it can bring up intense feelings of joy and grief, pride and insecurity, happiness and sadness. In our society we tend to focus on the Joys of Motherhood and the adorableness of baby - and the complexities of a woman's experience as she enters Motherhood can be lost.

Perhaps you feel this range of emotions and feel guilty for not being 100% thrilled all the time. Maybe you're a new mom just trying to figure out what the hell just happened! And perhaps you wonder if the questions and struggles you have are normal. If any of this sounds like you, you are so not alone! We created the Motherhood Card Deck for real moms, from a real mom. It's a simple tool that gives you an easy, quick, and meaningful way to reflect, prioritize, ground yourself, and get clearer about your strengths and needs as a Mom, so you can be your best self as both your own person, and as a mama.

The Motherhood Card Deck offers a combination of 53 Questions and Topics that can be combined in endless ways - either on your own, or in a group of ladies. Topics range from Sleep, to Toys, to Your Friendships, Your Body - and everything in between. This deck will help you to connect with your priorities as a mom, and center them at the heart of your mothering experience - helping you to feel more intentional, and less reactive as you juggle five million things throughout the day.  

The Motherhood Deck is particularly healing and incredible to use in a group setting. Mothers relax into the conversation as the Cards prompt deep discussion and connection. Their struggles are normalized, their experiences easily connected to other women in the room, and the thoughtful Question Cards get them thinking about their mothering experience in fresh ways that help them be more intentional and self-aware.


Suggested Gift Occasions:

  • Pregnancy 

  • Baby Shower 

  • New Mom gift 

  • Second baby arrival

  • Mother's day

  • Postpartum Support

  • Friend going through a transition or needing to clear her head and prioritize

  • Doulas & Midwives

  • Mom's Groups


Deck Details

Our Motherhood Deck contains 30 Question cards, 23 Topic cards, and a guidebook inside a custom box.