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Zuresh Gentle Touch Facial Cleanser

Zuresh Gentle Touch Facial Cleanser

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This unscented, hypoallergenic, gentle botanical rich facial cleanser is great for sensitive and porous skin. Not only is it anti-inflammatory with great skin firming properties it also contains botanicals rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes essential for strong cell growth & repair. Because this product contains natural ingredients color may vary from lighter to darker.

How To Use

Apply a dime size to your hands (like a lotion ) add cool to lukewarm water & lather up. Apply to face and neck areas. You can leave it on for a minute for extra cleansing. 


Coconut milk, purified water, organic vegetable glycerin, fresh cucumber puree, fresh aloe plant puree, organic honey, green tea botanical extract, silk mesh, sorbitol, sodium laureate, lauric acid, guar gum, sodium chloride (salt). 


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