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Girls Gone Happy Loss Deck
Girls Gone Happy Loss Deck
Girls Gone Happy

Girls Gone Happy Loss Deck

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We all go through Big Goodbyes - whether it's a person, situation, or even a part of yourself. This deck supports the complicated feelings and experiences that are a part of healing and grieving.

"I absolutely love my Loss Deck. The cards are beautiful and it's clear that a great deal of care went into the thoughtful and helpful prompts. They also come with a little intro booklet that I found to be thoughtfully and beautifully written. After receiving my own, I bought a deck for my sister and my aunt as well. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone looking for an outlet to process." - Jenna B., Austin TX


About The Loss Deck

We grieve many times through life - of course when we lose someone, but also when a relationship ends, a job is over, or a situation comes to a close. We are constantly facing Big Goodbyes, and it can be really hard to let go. Sometimes we want badly to move on, and sometimes we fear gaining distance from our loss. These situations are complicated, and while your situation is unique to you - you are not alone. Wherever you are in your process, the Loss Deck offers you support in your healing. The questions inside are written to give you a clearer relationship to the various and complex feelings and thoughts that come in the wake of loss. We hope they help you to feel connected and comforted, and bring you some clarity and peace.


Suggested gift occasions:

  • Condolences

  • Lost job

  • Breakup

  • Divorce

  • Miscarriage

  • Pet passing

  • Bereavement group


Deck Details

Our Loss Deck contains 30 Question Cards, 14 Topic Cards, and a guidebook inside a custom box. 

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