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Girls Gone Happy Money Deck
Girls Gone Happy

Girls Gone Happy Money Deck

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Explore your relationship with money and the patterns, beliefs, relationships, energy, and habits braided together with your finances. 


About The Money Deck

Chances are you’ve got some questions about money. Who doesn’t! We need money; resent money; make money; lose money; dream of money; are so much more than money. Many of our biggest life choices are braided together with our attitudes, hopes, and fears around money. And to make it even more fun, despite being something everyone deals with in one way or another - nobody really wants to talk about money! Our Money Deck is here to change that. Whether you’re struggling with debt, excited to save, starting a business, or looking to heal some inherited beliefs about scarcity -  the questions and topics in this deck are here to help you relate to money in a way that feels empowered, introspective, and intentional. 


Deck Details

Our Money Deck contains 30 handmade Question Cards and 17 Topic Cards, and a guide booklet in a custom box.

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