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Sweet Sandalwood Candle
Marsh + Mane

Sweet Sandalwood Candle

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Our bestselling fragrance is now in a candle. Fill your favorite space with the smell of sweet sandalwood!

• Hand-poured, made in small batches
• 100% Vegan and non-toxic virgin coconut soy wax. Made from soy, coconut and food-grade paraffin in the USA. Fragrance is also a vegan formula.
• Please note that each candle will have a unique appearance and due to the natural drying process/wax shrinkage, you may notice air bubbles in the product. This is a common occurrence.

Usage Instructions to Prevent Fire or Safety Hazards

• Estimated burn time is 20-30 hours if cared for (trimming wick to ¼” prior to lighting).
• Please do not leave candle unattended or use melted wax on skin.
• Keep out of reach of children, pets, and flammable materials.
• Burn no more than 3 hours at a time. Allow to cool before re-lighting.
• Candle will be hot when the candle is lit. Burn on heat resistant and even surface.
• To preserve scent power, it is suggested to tightly seal the candle with the lid after each use.


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