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Zuresh Deep + Purifying Conditioner

Zuresh Deep + Purifying Conditioner

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The pH of our conditioner compacts the cuticle layer of the hair, which results in shiny, bouncy hair that is not weighed down. One of the reasons that people complain about the way their hair feels when they use castile soap as a shampoo is the pH is too high for proper hair care. The alkaline solution of castile soap makes the cuticle cells swell up and roughen. 

How To Use

Wash hair as usual & separate Hair into comfortable sections add a 1/2 tsp to each section - 1" away from the scalp - (depending upon hair length). Massage let sit for 8-10 minutes. Use as a rinse our or deep conditioner. 


*Organic Aloe Juice, Castor Seed Oil, Brassica Oil (fatty oil high in Omega 3 & 6), Olive Butter,Organic Green Tea Extract, Organic Rooibos Tea Extract, MSM (naturally occurring nutrient found in plants, fruits, and vegetables – part of the Human diet), Lupine Protein, Activated Charcoal (enhance the conditioning and moisturizing properties of this conditioner), Vitamin B5. Zuresh Essential oil fragrance blend.- pH: 4 - 4.5 - Paraben Free.


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