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Zuresh Espresso Shaving Oil

Zuresh Espresso Shaving Oil

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Our high quality Shaving Oil blend is the perfect weight, providing skin hydration, and beard/hair softening, while allowing the blade to glide effortlessly over the skin resulting in a super close shave with MUCH less (IF ANY) irritation.

How to Use

For best total shave experience, use a high quality blade and shave after showering or washing your face. Exfoliating the shave areas prior to shaving may help make the razor glide easier and provide a closer shave. After prep, apply 3-5 drops, or as much needed to get thin full coverage layer over shave area. Do not over apply. Let sit for a minute then shave, rinse face and go !!! SHAVE AND GO IN MINUTES.


Grapeseed, Meadowfoam Seed, Olive, Cranberry Seed Oil, Argan, Red Raspberry, Black Garlic & Neem Seed Oils. Rosemary Leaf Extract & Zuresh's Proprietary Botanical Blend of Sage Herbs & Lime Oils.

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