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Zuresh "Get it Wet" Hair & Body Hydration Spray

Zuresh "Get it Wet" Hair & Body Hydration Spray

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**Please note. We do not offer refunds if the spray nozzle breaks or clogs. Unfortunately this is a very common issue with this very popular product.**

"Get it Wet" is the perfect hydration mist for those days when you want to wet your hair & body with water but also need to replenish nutrients and antioxidants. Water does not provide the hair with the food it needs. Kill two birds with one stone!

"Get it Wet" absorbs VERY quickly and has a great, light scent that does not overpower. It moistens the hair and scalp to make it easier to manage during styling. SPF 25-30.

Note: Because of the natural ingredients in this product, separation make occur and is natural. Also, it is possible for the natural particles to get stuck in the nozzle. If your spray nozzle stops working, try cleaning out the nozzle. 

How to Use

Use anytime you would normally use your water bottle.


Aloe vera juice, vitamin B complex, coconut oil, aloe and avocado oils, vegetable glycerin, figs, apricots, acai berry botanical oils, essential oils and fragrance. 


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