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Zuresh Hair & Body Silk Mist Spray

Zuresh Hair & Body Silk Mist Spray

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**Please note. We do not offer refunds if the spray nozzle breaks or clogs. Unfortunately this is a very common issue with this very popular product.**

Silk Powder, Peptide, Amino Acids is made up of 100% fibroin, which contains 18 kinds of Amino Acids and Trace Elements essential to the Human Body. Silk Powder serves as an ideal Protein enricher. You can expect it to help maintain Moisture levels and prevent dryness. It reflects UV Radiation, has Anti-Bacterial properties, and will quickly improve luminance and elastic behavior.

Note: Because of the natural ingredients in this product, separation make occur and is natural. Also, it is possible for the natural particles to get stuck in the nozzle. If your spray nozzle stops working, try cleaning out the nozzle. 

How To Use

Silk Amino Acid contains Alanine, Glycine and Serine, which are sighted as the Protein Stimulants in our skin and hair. Goes on smooth, shake well, spray and it starts to absorbs so fast that with one swipe with your hands it is absorbed fully.


Aloe vera juice, rose floral water, coconut oil, kosher vegetable glycerin, witch hazel, emulsifying wax, silk mesh, protein + amino acids, vitamin E, jojoba oil, xantham gum, black willow bark, extract, mannan, neem oil, rosemary extract, polysorbate, edta, citric acid, zinc, oxide, Zuresh Essential Fragrance Blend, Perfume Free. SPF 20. 

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