Holiday Pickup at Marsh + Mane!

Let us serve as your holiday pickup location this season! If this year is anything like last year, small businesses and our customers had to deal with the postal service losing our packages or not delivering gifts on time.

If you are a thriving, Philadelphia based online business or a brick and mortar outside of Center City, you can partner with us to provide your customers with an in-store pickup option without having to lease a building for the holidays!

We have 2 affordable options for you to choose from! 


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  • Starts Saturday, November 27th and ends on Thursday, December 30th 
  • Your customers can pick up their orders anytime during our regular business hours (Wednesday-Saturday, 12-6pm and Sundays, 12 - 5pm) excluding 12/25 and 12/26.
  • You can drop off additional orders as many times as you need to during this timeframe.
  • This is the best option if you receive a high volume of orders in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area and need more flexibility with your drop off times. 


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  • Marsh + Mane will serve as your holiday pickup location for any one (1) of these busy shopping weeks. You have your choice of: 
    • Thanksgiving weekend: Customers can pick up their packages Saturday, November 27th - Saturday, December 3rd. 
    • The weekend before Christmas: Customers can pick up their packages Wednesday, December 17th - Wednesday, December 24th. 
  • Your customers can pick up their orders anytime during our regular business hours (Wednesday-Saturday, 12-6pm and Sundays, 12 - 5pm).
  • Any orders not picked up during your scheduled dates must be picked up by the business owner the following Monday.


    Will Marsh + Mane be responsible for packing my orders and accepting payment?

    No. It is the responsibility of you, the business owner, to drop off all orders pre-packaged either in a box or a bag with the customer's name and order number front and center.

    How will my customers get their orders?

    Your customers can walk in, hop in line and simply let us know their name and what business they are picking up for. We will request ID or an email confirmation. Whichever you prefer.

    Can I stay onsite for the day while my packages are being picked up?

    This is not preferred as we have capable staff to handle this process. If you wish to stay, please email to discuss.

    What happens if my customers never show up to pick up their packages?

    If for some reason your customers do not show up, the business owner will have to retrieve the items from Marsh + Mane and work out something with your customer directly.  

    I paid for one of the packages but I now do not think I have enough customers to make this worth my while. Can I get a refund?

    Unfortunately, these packages are non refundable. We ask that you really take the time to examine your customer base before committing. 

    Will my orders be safe?

    Yes! Our store has plenty of security cameras and we are insured. If you need a reference we can put you in touch with brands that have used us as a pick up location in the past!

    I have a food business. Can I sign up for this service?

    If you are a food based business please reach out to us so we can learn more about your items and to see if Marsh + Mane is a fit. You can email us at

    Will you provide any marketing support?

    It is your responsibility to let your customers know they can pre-order with you for pick up. We are happy to provide our logo or photos of our store to help you promote the pick up service.

    Can I sell additional items onsite?

    No, this is not a pop-up shop service. You are not allowed to sell or collect money onsite. This is for pick up only.

    How do I get my product on the shelves at Marsh + Mane instead of paying for pick up service?

    We are not currently accepting new products a this time. 

    I'm not a Black owned business. Can I still use this service?

    Yes you can! Marsh + Mane is a safe space for Black men and women to shop for their hair and skincare items. We welcome everyone who can respect and honor that.

    Ok, I'm down. How do I sign up?

    Please fill out this brief questionnaire. We have the right to refuse any business based on the types of items that will be in our location. Someone will contact you ASAP.